GENERICO.ruRussiaA court in Bryansk arrested the father of an eighth-grader who committed a shooting at a school

A court in Bryansk arrested the father of an eighth-grader who committed a shooting at a school

The Sovetsky District Court of Bryansk sent Dmitry Afanaskin, the father of eighth-grader Alina, who shot at gymnasium No. 5, wounded several schoolchildren, killed a classmate and committed suicide, to pre-trial detention. This was reported by the press service of the city courts.

The man is accused of careless storage of firearms, resulting in the death of two persons (Part 2 of Article 224 of the Criminal Code) and inducing suicide of a minor (clause “a” of Part 2 of Article 110 of the Criminal Code).

According to investigators, Afanaskin carelessly stored his hunting rifle, which is why his daughter was able to take it and start a joke at school. “The investigating authorities also accuse the person involved in the case of driving his minor daughter to suicide through threats, harsh treatment and systematic humiliation of her human dignity,” the court clarified.

Shot published Afanaskin’s speech in court. The Bryansk resident claims that he never used violence against his children and treated Alina and her twin sister Daria equally. According to the girls’ father, Alina was “nervous” for more than six months, which is why he suggested that his wife take his daughter to a psychiatrist. He attributed the girl’s behavior to “adolescence.” Afanaskin also spoke about a certain diary, which contained “adult text” and “inconsistencies.”

On the morning of December 7, eighth-grader Alina Afanaskina came to the gymnasium with her father’s Bekas-3 hunting rifle and began shooting at her classmates. As a result, five schoolchildren were injured, another girl died on the spot. After this, the girl who opened fire committed suicide. Based on the incident, the Investigative Committee opened a murder case (Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code). A case of negligence was also opened (Article 293 of the Criminal Code).

Yesterday the court arrested Sergei Poddubny, director of the security company Escalibur Agency, and security officer Galina Chertkova. Today, Deputy Director for Administrative and Economic Work Larisa Katolikova was placed under house arrest.

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Updated at 16:39. Added a retelling of Afanaskin’s speech in court.


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