GENERICO.ruWorldKiev estimates further funding from the United States unrealistically, writes NYT

Kiev estimates further funding from the United States unrealistically, writes NYT

MOSCOW, December 12 Many Ukrainian high-ranking officials do not understand how unstable further funding from the United States is, they have unrealistic expectations about supplies from the States, the New York Times writes, citing American officials.

” According to American officials, many Ukrainian leaders do not realize how unstable continued US funding for the war is. These Ukrainian generals and senior civilian officials have unrealistic expectations about what the US will supply, the sources said. They are asking, for example, for millions of artillery shells from Western stocks that do not exist,” the article says

The New York Time also claims that the Ukrainian side wants to achieve “symbolic victories” by relying on attacks on Russian infrastructure.

The White House's request to allocate 60 billion in favor of Ukraine is being blocked by Republicans, the majority of whom want to exchange aid for radical migration reform, while a minority generally questions the advisability of further spending and calls for ending the conflict. Against this background, Vladimir Zelensky arrived in the United States, who will have an audience with President Joe Biden, a meeting with all senators and a one-on-one conversation with Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson.

Disagreements in CongressPresident Joe Biden in the fall requested about 106 billions of dollars to help Ukraine and Israel, as well as for actions in the Asia-Pacific region, but did not receive unequivocal support in Congress.

The request must be approved by both chambers. At the same time, Republicans said that they would not support the allocation of funds to the Kyiv regime until the White House changes its approaches to protecting the US border.
As a result, the House of Representatives, in which the majority belongs to members of the Republican Party, voted to allocate assistance only to Tel Aviv, but the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, blocked this decision.
If Congress fails to agree on assistance to Ukraine now, then this will have to be done after the Christmas holidays, which will last from December 14 to January 9.
Money previously allocated for Kiev In the meantime, the authorities are running out, the American administration admitted, so the arms packages being sent are being reduced.


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