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The diplomat called on NATO not to present Kyiv as a victim of information aggression

UN, December 12 It’s time for NATO countries to stop portraying Kiev as a victim aggression in the information space – it is the West that supports Ukraine in its computer attacks on Russian infrastructure, Russian representative Irina Tyazhlova said at the UN.
She took part in the sixth session of the UN Open Working Group on Security Issues in the Use of Information and Communication Technologies and ICTs themselves 2021-2025.

“It’s high time for NATO member states to stop presenting Ukraine as a victim of aggression in the information space. We are well aware of the support they provide to the Zelensky regime for carrying out systematic computer attacks on Russia’s critical infrastructure,” Tyazhlova said. According to her, these are not unfounded accusations. All such facts are recorded by Russian competent structures, Tyazhlova added.
“Moreover, the Ukrainian authorities themselves recognize the sabotage carried out by their country using ICT,” the diplomat emphasized.
According to her, a lot of other cases of malicious activity using ICT are the work of the so-called “IT army” – “a collection of cybercriminals and telephone scammers controlled by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and supervised by Western countries led by the United States.” “We have repeatedly warned that this creation of Washington and its allies would turn against ordinary Europeans. In the end, this is what happened. In November 2023, the Hungarian authorities announced that most of the funds stolen in their state as a result of crimes using ICT, including telephone fraud, settles in Ukraine,” she said.

As the diplomat pointed out, “NATO countries simply do not have the moral right to express any claims to Russia.” “It is your authorities who develop doctrinal documents that justify the use of ICT for offensive purposes, work out scenarios for attacks on “undesirable” regimes, provide attackers with detailed instructions for conducting computer attacks, and carry out or encourage electronic surveillance and interception of data of citizens around the world,” she said Tyazhlova.
Moreover, according to her, all this is being done despite “false statements about commitment to non-interference in the internal affairs of states, protection of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms.”


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