GENERICO.ruAutoA series of Stellantis premieres: now updated passenger Opel Combo Life and Zafira Life

A series of Stellantis premieres: now updated passenger Opel Combo Life and Zafira Life

German vans have changed both outside and inside. In addition, the electric versions have had their range increased.

The restyled commercial Opel Combo and Vivaro were revealed in November, and now passenger versions are also presented – Combo Life and Zafira Life. By the way, in the releases of the European offices of the brand, the “surname” Life is missing, but it is possible that it will still be left outside the Old World. Let us remember that the Stellantis concern organized a general display of the updated LCV “hard workers” of its brands in October, followed by separate presentations of the Peugeot Rifter and Traveler, as well as the Citroen Berlingo.

Updated Opel Combo Electric 1/2 Updated Opel Combo Electric 2/2

Like their relatives from other brands, the modernized passenger Combo and Zafira debuted as electric cars; they have the Electric prefix. The fact is that in most European countries, since last year, Stellantis has been selling exclusively “green” vans, while vans are also available with internal combustion engines. However, in some places in the Old World there are still “traditional” cars; later they will be updated in the same way as electric options.

Updated Opel Zafira Electric 1/2 Updated Opel Zafira Electric 2/2

Following the rest of the fresh Opels, Combo and Zafira switched to the new Vizor corporate style, its characteristic feature is diode headlights fused with the radiator grille (in the case of “electric cars” we are talking about a plug imitating a grille), which should evoke associations with a helmet visor. The head optics of both vans are new, while the Combo will be offered with matrix headlights for the first time. As before, each car has two length options: Combo – 4.41 or 4.76 meters, Zafira – 4.98 or 5.33 meters. The younger model comes with five or seven seats, the Opel Zafira seats up to nine people.

Updated Opel Combo Electric 1/3 Updated Opel Combo Electric 2/3 Updated Opel Combo Electric 3/3

Inside there is a modernized front panel, a new steering wheel and a multimedia system with a 10-inch “floating” tablet. Both vans also feature digital instrumentation, a panoramic roof, a rear view camera with a 180-degree view, adaptive cruise control, auto braking, lane keeping, blind spot monitoring and road sign recognition.

Updated Opel Zafira Electric 1/3 Updated Opel Zafira Electric 2/3 Updated Opel Zafira Electric 3/3

Opel Combo Electric is still equipped with a 136-horsepower electric motor and a 50 kWh battery. However, the range has increased – 330 km versus the maximum possible 285 km for the pre-reform model (hereinafter – according to the WLTP cycle). The increase is explained by the introduction of new control software and a heat pump.

The Opel Zafira Electric has a similar electric motor, but in addition to a 50 kWh battery, you can also choose a 75 kWh battery. It is stated that the range of the older version has been increased by 20 km to 350 km, but the company did not mention the basic version (for example, the related Peugeot e-Traveller with a 50 kWh battery after restyling will travel 224 km, which is 6 km less than indicator of the pre-reform model).

Pre-reform Opel Combo Life 1/4 Pre-reform Opel Combo Life 2/4 Pre-reform Opel Zafira Life 3/4 Pre-reform Opel Zafira Life 4/4

In Europe, orders for the updated passenger Opel Combo Electric and Zafira Electric will open in the near future, prices have not yet been announced . In Germany, the previous electric van Combo now costs from 43,050 euros, the passenger “green” Zafira – from 63,250 euros.


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