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“In fact, this is a punishment for dissent and an attempt to intimidate other dissenters” – Ilya Yashin about the sentence upheld

The Second Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction upheld the sentence for politician Ilya Yashin in the case of “fake news” about the actions of the Russian military in Ukraine – 8.5 years in a general regime colony. This was reported by a Mediazona correspondent from the meeting room.

1< p>Photo: Alexandra Astakhova/Mediazona

The verdict was handed down a year ago – in December 2022, and in April the Moscow City Court rejected the complaint against it. The reason for the prosecution of the oppositionist was a stream on YouTube, during which Yashin spoke about the killings of civilians by the Russian military in the Kiev suburb of Bucha (clause “e” of Part 2 of Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code).

As in other recent court hearings , Yashin spoke via video link from correctional colony No. 3 in the Smolensk region.

The politician dedicated his speech in court today to condemning the war in Ukraine and how the Russian Ministry of Defense is covering the invasion. “If you believe the words of [Defense Ministry spokesman Igor] Konashenkov, then our soldiers never committed crimes and did not kill a single civilian,” Yashin said.

The judge repeatedly interrupted him and demanded that he not say “war” a “special military operation” and threatened to cut off video communications. He also began asking again what Konashenkov had to do with the politician’s verdict.

“Certainly! If you read the materials of the case, you will be convinced that I was condemned – literally – for the fact that my words contradict Konashenkov’s words,” the oppositionist retorted. “This is directly reflected in the examination, which was added to the case materials and was done at the request of the Investigative Committee. I understand, of course, that you are the High Court, but the materials of the case must be studied before considering the complaints.”

As an example of the crime of the Russian military against civilians, Yashin cited the murder of a family in the occupied city of Volnovakha, Donetsk region of Ukraine , because of which two contract soldiers from the Far East were arrested.

“If Russian fighters shot at civilians in Volnovakha, why are we deprived of the right to ask questions about the massacre in Bucha and forbidden to doubt the official version of the Ministry of Defense? – concluded Yashin. – Citizens judges, let's honestly admit: I was thrown into prison not for a real crime, but for an opinion, for my anti-war beliefs <…> My sentence, in fact, is a punishment for dissent and an attempt to intimidate others who disagree with this barbaric war, which you hypocritically continue to call a “special operation.”


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