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Abarth officially announced its second electric model – a powerful crossover

The new product, which will presumably be called the Abarth 600e, is being developed jointly with the sports division Stellantis Motorsport and will become the most powerful production model in the history of the Italian brand.

Among the brands owned by Stellantis Corporation, Abarth is responsible for the production of niche and relatively affordable sports models, and the entire new model range will consist only of electric vehicles. The first-born of the new line is the front-wheel drive hot hatch Abarth 500e, which debuted in 2022, and the second model is expected to be a crossover.

< p>In the official press release, however, the word crossover is never mentioned, but in the camouflaged prototypes of the upcoming new Abarth product, one can easily guess the new Fiat 600, which premiered last summer. The hot version of this crossover from Abarth will most likely be called the 600e, but this name is not in the press release.

What is there is an official introduction to the platform: for the Abarth 600e (let's call it that for now for simplicity), Stellantis Motorsport specialists are preparing a special version of the modular CMP platform, called Perfo-eCMP: it will have some special chassis configuration with sports settings and powerful disc brakes. The stated power of the power plant for the Abarth 600e is 240 hp, but it is not said how many electric motors there will be – most likely, one at the front, like the original Fiat 600e. For comparison, let's say that the maximum power of the electric motor in the Fiat 600e is 156 hp, in the Abarth 500e – 155 hp.

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The Abarth 600e will also receive a unique limited-slip differential that will allow for reliable traction control, and tires specially developed for this model with polyurethane inserts, like those found on Formula E cars, such tires have excellent grip combined with low noise levels. Whether the Abarth 600e will have a synthesizer for dramatic outdoor sounds like the Abarth 500e is still unknown.

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The battery capacity of the Abarth 600e has also not yet been disclosed; for the Fiat 600e it is 54 kWh and provides 409 km of range on a single charge in the WLTP cycle. The interior of the sports crossover promises sports seats with four foam fillers of different densities, providing a good balance of comfort and lateral support.

The premiere date of the Abarth 600e has not yet been announced, but, most likely, it will take place this year year. There will also be a third electric model in the new Abarth range, but there is no information about it yet.


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