GENERICO.ruAutoThe former Mercedes-Benz plant in the Russian Federation plans to assemble 30 thousand cars in 2024

The former Mercedes-Benz plant in the Russian Federation plans to assemble 30 thousand cars in 2024

The current owner of the enterprise in the Moscow region is the Avtodom Group of Companies. The manufacturer is ready to triple the production volume of cars if there is demand for them.

The fact that the Avtodom Group of Companies closed the deal to acquire the Russian assets of Mercedes-Benz became known at the end of April last year. Let us recall that at that time the holding acquired the ownership of Mercedes-Benz Rus JSC (the official distributor in the Russian Federation), the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Rus plant located in the Moscow region, Mercedes-Benz Bank Rus, and the leasing subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Rus” and “Mercedes-Benz Capital Rus” (the company was engaged in factoring, leasing and insurance of cars).

It is known that Avtodom can carry out maintenance of Mercedes-Benz vehicles sold on the Russian market, including providing warranty and post-warranty support. The Group also achieved the right to resume the work of local companies and ship spare parts from the central warehouse.

Previously, the plant in Esipovo produced Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans, GLE, GLC and GLS crossovers. In the near future, the new owner of the site intends to restart the plant, the head of the company, Andrei Olkhovsky, spoke about this in an interview with Kommersant. However, exactly which cars will be put on this assembly line have not yet been disclosed by Avtodom.

According to him, the enterprise in the Moscow region is “the most modern plant in Russia that can be imagined.” Andrey Olkhovsky said that even before the New Year, the first batch of vehicle kits arrived at the production site, which was assembled in test mode in order to check the operation of the systems. He added that this was a “test batch to check technical readiness.” As a result, the manufacturer came to the conclusion that, if desired, the plant could be launched within a week.

The head of Avtodom said that already in 2024 it is planned to assemble about 30 thousand cars at the plant in Yesipovo (this corresponds to the current design capacity of the enterprise). At the same time, in the first year after the restart of the conveyor, no welding or painting of bodies is planned. Andrey Olkhovsky said that “we start the first year with the DKD mode [partially unassembled cars are assembled – editor’s note], we move to SKD [large-knot assembly] and after 12 months, if everything works out well for us and the quality of the cars meets expectations, we switch in the CKD mode [involves welding and painting of bodies from the resulting parts].”

In the future, the company is ready to expand volumes production of cars at a plant near Moscow. The speaker explained that capacity can be increased approximately three times – up to the production of 100 thousand copies per year. To do this, Avtodom will need to expand the painting area, as well as bring the welding area to a fully automatic mode. However, the manufacturer will do this if there is demand for the specified number of cars on the Russian market.

At the same time, according to Andrei Olkhovsky, the company intends to remain in the premium segment, since only in In this case, the plant will be profitable. “In any case, assembling cars in Russia will always be more expensive than in China, based on market size, due to production volume, wage levels and automation,” he added.


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