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Dmitry Dibrov signed a contract with TNT

MOSCOW, January 17 Showman Dmitry Dibrov will host a new program on TNT with Olga Buzova, “Is this normal?”, the channel’s press service reported.
Participants in the project, which is scheduled to premiere in February, will have to guess what the residents of our country think what is normal and what is not, answering sensitive social questions.
According to the presenter, this is a new experience for him, since for the last few years he has worked exclusively with intellectual shows. But Dibrov is only happy about this.

"Now I will work with everyday topics. I had a writer born on the Don who only described everyday life, which did not prevent him from gaining a worldwide name – I mean Chekhov. And I will have to do Chekhov’s work right in front of TV viewers, every day issuing deft, laconic, but comprehensive judgments about our lives,” Dibrov commented.

The press service said that the TV presenter signed an agreement, under the terms of which the entire year 2024 will work only with TNT.

It is not disclosed whether Dmitry Dibrov will join other projects of the channel, besides “Is this normal?”


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