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The deputy artistic director of the Maly Theater called for increasing the traditions laid down by Solomin

MOSCOW, January 15 Deputy artistic director of the Maly Theater Alexey Dubrovsky noted, that the traditions laid down by the People's Artist of the USSR, artistic director of the theater Yuri Solomin, must be preserved and enhanced.
Solomin died at the age of 88 on January 11, two days earlier he was discharged from the hospital after a stroke. The farewell ceremony for him takes place on the main stage of the Maly Theater. After farewell, he will be buried at Troekurovskoye Cemetery.

“An era is passing not only from the life of the Maly Theater, but also from the life of our entire Russian culture. Yuri Methodievich gave his entire life to his native Maly Theater and no less dear Shchepkinsky School… I am sure that the contribution that Yuri Methodievich made to the construction of this A 200-year-old building, then a reverent, absolutely honest attitude towards serving the theater, then an attitude towards the traditions of not only the Maly Theater, but also Russian psychological theater in general, where the main means of expression is the actor – I am sure that all these things were laid down by Yuri Methodievich , must be preserved and increased,” Dubrovsky said at the farewell ceremony.

He noted that Solomin stood “on the captain’s bridge of this ship” for 35 years, all these 35 years the Maly Theater was behind him, like behind a stone wall.
“For thirty-five years, Yuri Methodievich steered a huge ship along the waves of theatrical life, avoiding all the storms and adversities with a clear and absolute verified course,” Dubrovsky emphasized.
Yuri Solomin was born on June 18, 1935. In 1957, after graduating from the Shchepkin Higher Theater School, he was accepted into the Maly Theater. Since 1961, he taught at the Shchepkin Theater School and was a professor in the acting department. Since 1988 – artistic director of the Maly Theater. Among the roles played by the actor on stage are Khlestakov in Gogol's “The Inspector General”, Fedya Protasov in Leo Tolstoy's “The Living Corpse”, Voinitsky in Anton Chekhov's “Uncle Vanya”, Cyrano de Bergerac based on the play by Edmond Rostand and Tsar Fyodor in the tragedy. Since 1980 he has worked in the theater and as a director.
Among his best film works: Pavel Koltsov (“Adjutant of His Excellency”, 1969), Telegin (“Walking in Torment”, 1977), Vladimir Arsenyev (“Dersu Uzala”, 1975), Major Zvyagintsev (“Blockade”, 1975-1978), The Innkeeper and Heinrich Eisenstein (TV films “An Ordinary Miracle” and “The Bat”, both 1979), Vladimir Alexandrovich (“The Light in the Window”, 1980), Doctor Gradov (“Moscow Saga”, 2004).< br />


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