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Yuri Loza frankly: “The song about the Northern Military District has no chance of publication”

MOSCOW, February 1, Anastasia Silkina. Composer and singer, to whom the media continually turn for comments, Yuri Loza celebrates his 70th birthday today. What you can sing about today, about pseudonyms and departed colleagues – the king of memes spoke in a frank interview.

“The media system is trying to stay away”

— Yuri Eduardovich, I see posters for your concerts in February in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Why did you decide to celebrate your 70th anniversary on a grand scale? You once said that after 50 we should stop with anniversaries…

— This is not considered a large-scale celebration, ordinary concerts. We have a proverb: how you celebrate the New Year is how you will spend it. Therefore, I decided to meet this five-year period, until the next anniversary – 75, in the works of the righteous.
– Will you hear familiar hits or surprise with new releases?
— I always have several new songs in my concert, but I won’t prepare anything special for one simple reason: I don’t like surprises. I like songs that are well made, rehearsed and already “knurled”, flying off the teeth.

— Journalists remembered that you had a song about a “gay”* friend. She probably won’t be included in this performance?

— I have never sung it at concerts, it was written as a joke. At that time it was believed that you could laugh at anything. It stopped being a joke, and now I wouldn’t write such a song.
— What are the new compositions about? Maybe there are patriotic ones, on a military theme?
— As soon as the special operation began, I released the song “The Guys Are Fighting.” But for some reason such obvious patriotism does not work in our country. General topics – such as “I am Russian”, “Let us rise” (from the Shaman repertoire. – Ed.) – can be included, but a song dedicated to our specific action has no chance of publication.
Moreover, even on the central stage of the Grushinsky festival last year, patriotic songs were banned. The media system is trying to stay on the sidelines, it has a wait-and-see strategy, as if it had nothing to do with it. She seems to know that a special operation is underway, but nothing more.

— What about performances in Donbass? Are you ready to go?

— The war is different now. If during the Great Patriotic War it was possible to gather people five kilometers from the front, as Klavdiya Shulzhenko did, now this is a target. All concerts in Donbass are a risk and a headache for commanders. I recently spoke at a hospital. Here, in hospitals, training centers, far from the front, you can gather a large audience.

On the return of artists to the air after the “naked party”: “They will have to do something”

— The New Year’s “lights” took place for the first time without Philip Kirkorov and other artists who appeared at the “naked party.” Do you think they will be able to rehabilitate themselves?
— They will have to do something or wait a very long time. But I don’t know how serious our leadership’s claims against them are – will they limit their speeches for a while or permanently? I am not a member of these structures, and forecasts are a thankless task.

— Social activists played a significant role in that story, as well as in the cancellation of Kristina Orbakaite’s concerts under the pretext that she lives both in Russia and in the unfriendly USA. Why do you think activists are so zealous?

— People from the media system, politicians, the establishment – everyone who could, bought real estate abroad. The property should not stand idle, and they will continue to go there. Forcing them to get rid of it is not serious. This situation will always exist: people who do not have real estate there will accuse those who go there of not being entirely patriotic.
— Concerts are canceled not only here: performances by performers who left Russia are also canceled abroad. Looks like they'll be asking back soon. What should society do?
– Everyone left in different ways: some – to sit out, others – to come up with new material, others – just to relax, and others said a lot of unnecessary things. When a person accuses the country and people, calls them names, in my opinion, it is naive to expect that he will be received with open arms. I think that those who said too much will find it difficult to return, and those who simply sat out will be able to quietly return to work here.

— In your opinion, leaving the country to wait it out does not contradict patriotism?

— What does patriotism have to do with it if a person says that he was on vacation!
< strong>— Two years?
— Do we have a limited vacation? He will say: “I left to improve my health.” Why scold him? He didn’t do anything.

About social networks: “Different number of bots and pro-Ukrainian users”

— You actively maintain a page on VK, but also about Facebook* *, despite the ban, don’t forget. Why?

— While the site somehow continues to work and people come in, I post something. Again, I post the same thing everywhere. I have a point of view, and I do not adapt it to the resource.
— Do you feel the difference in the audience based on the comments?
— Of course, there are still different numbers of bots and pro-Ukrainian users. Somewhere you have to remove more commentators, somewhere less.

— You often indicate the author of Babul Natri Med-Ali under short poems. How was this alter ego born and why?

— I have several pseudonyms, and this is one of them. It seemed to me similar to the name of an oriental sage and at the same time it sounds cool. I signed humorous photographs, and then I realized that some signatures can be put on a par with the aphorisms of Omar Khayyam.
— You spoke categorically about Eurovision. Now we are creating “Intervision”, which is positioned as an event outside of politics. How do you like the idea?
— I don’t know what the rules will be and whether the leadership of the competition will look at foreign experience. Already in the title itself – “Intervision” – there is a reference. Of course, I would do something of my own. Look how well the Belarusians did – “Slavic Bazaar”, it has become a brand. And again we take something “from them.”
* The LGBT movement is banned in Russia as an extremist organization.

** The activities of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) are banned in Russia as extremist.


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