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Pamfilova urged Russians not to be afraid of PEC members

MOSCOW, February 16 Head of the Central Election Commission RF Ella Pamfilova asked Russians not to be afraid of members of precinct election commissions who will go door to door and give voters explanations about the upcoming elections.
At a meeting of the Central Election Commission on Friday, Pamfilova recalled that on February 17, the InformUIK project will start, within the framework of which members of precinct commissions will go to voters to answer their questions and explain their voting rights. Members of the commissions will wear special uniforms with symbols of the presidential elections in the Russian Federation and carry a bag with information materials.

“They will definitely have with them identification cards of members of election commissions and badges with their last name, first name, patronymic. This is mandatory. No anonymity in this case, so that our voters know who came to them and what they came with And I ask, of course, dear voters, do not be alarmed, if our colleagues from the precinct commissions knock or call at your house or apartment, they will be happy to answer all your questions about the elections and methods of voting,” Pamfilova said.

The Federation Council has scheduled presidential elections for March 17, 2024. Voting will last three days: March 15, 16 and 17. Four candidates registered by the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation are vying for the post of head of state: Leonid Slutsky, Nikolai Kharitonov, Vladislav Davankov and Vladimir Putin.


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