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Revealed how a self-prohibition on issuing a loan will work

MOSCOW, February 22 A self-ban on issuing a loan can now only be issued at a bank by visiting it in person. But in the future, this will be possible to do through the MFC or State Services, Honored Lawyer of Russia Ivan Solovyov told the Prime agency.
The purpose of the new measure approved by the Federation Council is to protect citizens from scammers. “It is assumed that a Russian will be able to ban the issuance of loans in his name, if necessary, revoke the ban, and then ban again. The Central Bank does not limit the number and frequency of such procedures in any way,” the lawyer explained.

The self-prohibition does not apply to mortgages or car loans. It concerns consumer loans and loans from microfinance organizations, which are issued online in a few minutes. They are the bait for scammers who are already coming up with schemes to circumvent restrictions. It is obvious that the new measure will not provide 100% protection, but it will significantly complicate the life of swindlers, Soloviev concluded.


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