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Helicopter crews who saved victims in Kolyma were awarded in Magadan

MAGADAN, March 15 Governor of the Magadan Region Sergei Nosov awarded the crew members of two Kolyma Aviation helicopters and doctors with letters of gratitude for rescuing victims of a hard landing of the Mi- 8, the correspondent reports.
On Thursday, emergency services reported that a Mi-8 helicopter made a hard landing in the Magadan region. The location of the accident is the remote and inaccessible North Even district of the region, not far from the Kvartsevy mine. According to the prosecutor's office, the preliminary cause of the accident was an engine malfunction. In the emergency, one of the crew members died, two were seriously injured, and ten more received injuries of varying severity. The rescue of the victims was carried out by helicopter crews of the Kolyma Aviation company, who, despite a strong snowstorm and wind, went to the scene of the emergency and on Thursday night brought all the victims to Magadan.

“In fact, people could have been stuck at the site of the helicopter crash for several days. These included passengers and crew members who were injured, as an examination at the hospital showed. Ten people were hospitalized because they were injured. Two helicopters flew out to provide assistance in emergency weather conditions with a team of doctors. If this had not happened, we could have lost some of the people there. We would not have evacuated anyone yesterday, or today, or even tomorrow… Only the heroic actions of the crews and doctors made it possible to evacuate people within several hours,” Nosov said .

The helicopter crews had to work in conditions of heavy snowfall and poor visibility, the commander of one of the crews, Honored Pilot of Russia Alexey Trifonko, told reporters.
“The weather was tense, difficult, but workable. We arrived quietly, at a low altitude. We found it right away, the coordinates were transmitted correctly. Everything was clear. There was a lot of snow. We picked up only one place and worked in turns. First I took all the seriously ill patients, took off from there, and a second helicopter landed at the same place. First they took us to Evensk, refueled there and flew here,” Trifonko said.


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