GENERICO.ruPoliticsVolochkova was found drunk at the polling station

Volochkova was found drunk at the polling station

Volochkova showed under the cameras who she voted for in the elections

Volochkova showed under the cameras who she voted for in the elections

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova spoke on social networks about how she went to the Russian presidential elections. She posted a video of her visit to one of the capital's polling stations, noting that she came to vote after the show and was very tired.

In front of the camera, Volochkova gave a speech about civic consciousness and the future of Russia, after which she filled out the ballot right at the table of the PEC members, preferring not to go into the booth. Under the gunpoint of the videographer, the artist put a bold tick next to the name of the current president, drew a heart and called on everyone to follow her example.

Volochkova’s action was not appreciated by all of her subscribers. Some reasonably noted that by publishing such a video during the voting period, she violated the law – campaigning on election days is prohibited. Social network users are now wondering whether the artist will face a fine. At the same time, most commentators paid attention to other nuances caught in the video, for example, the manner of speech. Many suggested that the star might not have been very sober.

“Is it forbidden to vote while sober?”, “To come in such an extinguished state…”, “So tired that I’m already staggering,” “Okay at least there were no splits,” “Spanish shame,” users write categorically.

Volochkova did not comment on suspicions of drinking alcohol before going to the polls, as well as other complaints. At the same time, comments began to appear under the video in her defense: “Clever, beautiful, the pride of our country,” “Nastya, we are with you. For Russia. We are not abandoning our own.”


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