GENERICO.ruSport"Mishina will keep the wig for herself." Bright interview Beetle and Pork

“Mishina will keep the wig for herself.” Bright interview Beetle and Pork


In the final of the Federation Cup among juniors in Sirius, the dance duet Milana Kuzmina/Dmitry Studenikin took third place , showing quite mature skating. Coaches Irina Zhuk and Alexander Svinin spoke about the prospects of the duet, and also revealed the secrets of working on numbers for the Russian Challenge show program tournament, held in St. Petersburg.

– Are the bronze ones ready? winners of the Junior Federation Cup Milana Kuzmina and Dmitry Studenikin to move up to adults?

A.S.: Of course we are ready. Despite the fact that the guys have only been skating together for the second season, they are making noticeable progress. We believe that they will fit well into the adult team, training together with Sofia Leontyeva and Daniil Gorelkin. It’s also a plus for us that next season there will be two adult duets in the group.

– Out of 16 rhythmic and free dances in the final of the Federation Cup, 15 were to foreign tunes, and for those who do not speak English and do not follow foreign cinema and pop music, it was sometimes difficult to understand the director’s intentions…

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I.Zh.: It is impossible to find such a number of domestic melodies and songs with words understandable to all viewers. I don't want to repeat myself either. Each director chooses what he considers necessary and suitable for the skaters. We have always worked this way, and we are not going to change anything. If we find suitable Russian music, we will use it with pleasure.

– At the Russian Challenge show program tournament, which took place in St. Petersburg, this was a mandatory condition. How do you like this approach?

A.S.: At show program tournaments there should always be a common theme. It’s great that the organizers chose Russian culture and traditions.

– The number you staged for Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Gallyamov made a vivid impression. You staged competitive programs for the winners of the Olympic team tournament in Beijing. Was working on the number for the show different?

I.Zh.: For two seasons in a row, Mishina and Gallyamov presented our productions at competitions: “Elvis Presley” and “Dreams of Love”. In some ways, working on the number for the show was even more interesting. Props could have been used. One wig for Ellochka the Ogress was worth a lot! Sasha amazingly combined music for films by Leonid Gaidai and Mark Zakharov. It was his idea. The guys came to Moscow specifically to work on the production. Everything was so positive!

A.S.: We really wanted to show that the story written by Ilf and Petrov is very relevant in our time. I searched and found a musical ending in rock style, which fit perfectly into the number. The only pity is that there were time restrictions. In four minutes it was possible to show an even more interesting story.

– Did you offer the St. Petersburg skaters “12 chairs” or did they turn to you with this idea?

I.Zh.: The idea was suggested by our group's choreographer Irina Shalygina. Alexander and I voiced it to Tamara Nikolaevna Moskvina and received approval. We are endlessly grateful to this great coach for the opportunity to work with her great athletes and realize our ideas.

– After the performance at Yubileiny, Nastya didn’t give you the wig of Ellochka the Ogress?

I.Zh.: It suits her so well that Nastya will probably keep it for herself. The costumes were a total success. Who expected to see Gallyamov like Ostap Bender? This issue can be reviewed many times – and each time you find new nuances. And at the same time, the guys performed a triple throw on a small platform, a difficult lift. This also added charm to the room. For complete happiness, the only thing missing was the diamonds in the chair that was used at the tournament.

A.S.: It’s a pity that the jury did not fully appreciate this act, but the audience You won't be fooled at Yubileiny. How they received Nastya and Sasha! And special thanks to the press representatives who presented Mishina and Gallyamov with their special prize.

– If it’s not a secret, what number are you was staged for Leontyeva and Gorelkin and why did the audience never see it?

I.Zh.: This is the decision of the organizers. The guys really wanted to perform in St. Petersburg, but they were initially reserves.

A.S.: Initially, we staged a very funny number for Sophia and Daniil, but they told us : “It doesn't fit the format.” Perhaps the guys will show it at some demonstration performances where there are no requirements for the format. The dance is bright and interesting.

– You even managed to prepare a replacement?

A.S.: Under force majeure conditions, they offered several options for music, but it turned out that all of them were already in use. Very quickly we prepared a number for the song by Alexander Gradsky from the film “Romance of Lovers”. Andrei Konchalovsky’s production is just what is needed for “Russian Call”.

I.Zh.: We will not post this number on social networks for now. Let's work on this dance and, perhaps, the guys will also perform it at demonstration performances. They really liked it.

– Is the FFKKR calendar optimal for your skaters in the context of the exclusion of Russian skaters from international competitions?

And .J.:We like it. And the Grand Prix stages with finals, and the wonderful Channel One Cup, where you could feel the real team spirit, and the show program tournament. The organizers have one wish: to announce its theme early so that they have the opportunity to prepare the performances in advance.


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