GENERICO.ruSportThe main hater of Russian sports has been revealed. He's even worse than Bach

The main hater of Russian sports has been revealed. He's even worse than Bach

World Athletics sent a letter to national federations last week saying that will not recognize the results of the Friendship Games and the BRICS Games in Russia. Sports correspondent – about how the chief official of the “queen of sports” and part-time two-time Olympic champion Sebastian Coe is again ahead of the rest – only in showing hatred towards our country, and on the verge of stupidity.

It was generally not difficult to guess that the idea of ​​holding global sporting events in Russia – namely the Friendship Games and the BRICS Games – would not arouse enthusiasm among the Western political elites who were angry at us. Since these same elites, apparently, hold the same place for the main international sports organizations – at least through the sponsors associated with them.

Thus, in June 2023, IOC President Thomas Bach said: “The Russian government accuses us of not respecting political neutrality, but at the same time is trying to organize completely politicized sporting competitions.” By autumn, new signals arrived from Lausanne. “Given the increasing politicization of world sport, we ask all National Olympic Committees to treat this initiative with caution,” IOC Director of NOC Relations James McLeod warned in a special letter.

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In parallel, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has also joined in opposing our Games – which, as has been repeatedly emphasized, are in no way an alternative to the Olympics. “Members of the WADA Executive Committee expressed their concern about Russia's plans to host the Friendship Games – an “unsanctioned event” – in September 2024. In particular, the concern is that, since this event will not be held under the protection of the World Anti-Doping Code, the health of athletes and fairness in their relationship may be jeopardized,” the agency said in a statement. Earlier, WADA President Witold Banka threatened with some “consequences” for participating in the Friendship Games – although without specifying what they would be.

But, of course, the World Athletics Association has gone the furthest. If in the statements of other organizations, despite the negativity, there is no sepulchral categoricalness, then World Athletics hastened to burn all bridges. “The World Friendship Games are not part of the World Athletics global calendar. Consequently, the results and records set at these Games will not be recognized by World Athletics,” reads the letter, which was sent to all national federations. A copy of it is provided by Inside the Games.

Again, as they say, nothing new. World Athletics is a federation that practically officially pursues a policy of hate against Russia and everything connected with it. Since 2015, Russian track and field athletes have been deprived of the right to represent their flag at international tournaments and have been forced to go through the humiliating procedure of applying for neutral status – and, it is worth noting, a far from free procedure. World Athletics, at its own discretion, decided who to give this status and who not – and, naturally, did not give any explanations for refusals. Hundreds of athletes who were in no way tainted by any doping stories were deprived of the right to earn a living.

And when the All-Russian Athletics Federation not only fulfilled, but also exceeded all the requirements for it, in addition having paid millions of dollars in fines, and it became completely impossible to keep it deprived of full status even according to Western legal concepts, the head of World Athletics, Sebastian Coe, switched to the banal “Russians? Goodbye”. If the IOC president is still trying to maintain at least some semblance of decency and still allows a few athletes from Russia and Belarus to the Olympics, then the British two-time Olympic champion simply states that “there will be no Russian and Belarusian athletes in Paris.” And period.

Now, in a furious fit of anti-Russian hysteria, Coe, through a statement from his organization, is trying to ensure that as few foreign participants as possible come to the Friendship Games and the BRICS Games. And even the fact that he looks, to put it mildly, extremely stupid does not stop him. The point is not even that in the ancient years of political boycotts and confrontations between superpowers, the idea of ​​not recognizing the results did not come either in relation to the Friendship 1984 competitions or the Goodwill Games. And the fact is that right now in Russia there are a lot of domestic athletics competitions taking place – and their results are perfectly taken into account in World Athletics statistics.

If you don’t believe me, check out the top lists on Danil Lysenko, with a high jump of 2.33 meters, performed at the “Battle of the Sexes” in Moscow, is second in the ranking of the best results of the winter season among men. Natalya Spiridonova, who won the Russian Winter Championship in Moscow with a score of two meters exactly, is in third place among women. The arenas of St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Minsk, Mogilev and others are mentioned as places where the achievements taken into account by the World Athletics Association are shown. So why, one might ask, are you not satisfied with the Friendship Games?

The World Athletics press service predictably does not respond to the corresponding request. Because she has nothing to say. And even the status of non-compliance of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) with the World Anti-Doping Code cannot be called a reason. Because this does not in any way prevent World Athletics from recognizing the results of domestic Russian tournaments. And WADA – that’s bad luck – despite the demagogic rhetoric about the “historically low level of trust in the Russian anti-doping system”, it emphasizes that there are no complaints about the operational activities of RUSADA. Athletes continue to be tested – and, for that matter, the ill-fated positive test of Kamila Valieva was taken precisely in Russia and precisely by RUSADA. This is very significant.

Well, one can only admire the restraint of Russian officials, who respond patiently and with dignity to attacks from international structures. “The concept of the World Friendship Games clearly states that the implementation of the anti-doping program at competitions will be ensured. The most important thing is that the fight against doping will be carried out in accordance with international standards adopted when organizing major international events,” said the head of the organizing committee of the Friendship Games, Alexey Sorokin.

Will this stop the hate from Coe? Hardly. Once again, it can be stated that the person who achieved one of the two main victories in his career in Moscow and who previously said that he had a warm attitude towards our country seems to have been replaced. Well, it happens – especially when you are, apparently, among those who have been taken seriously for the very same thing. But the world is much wider than the space occupied by those who grimace convulsively at the mention of the word “Russia.” All those who are trying to intimidate and intimidate will definitely come to our Games. And they will like it.


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