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Team coach Tutberidze: pair skating does not develop without Russia

MOSCOW, March 27, Vlad Zhukov. World pair skating is not is progressing due to the suspension of Russian skaters, said coach Philip Tarasov, who works at the Eteri Tutberidze school.
Russian figure skaters have been suspended from competitions under the auspices of the International Skating Union (ISU) since the spring of 2022.
“”The level may not have dropped that much. After all, those couples who are now in the top mostly train with Russian specialists. And the guys understand that they just need to do what they know how. Over their head “There's no need to jump, there's no need to fight with us either. It seems to me that because of this, international pairs run the risk of withdrawing into themselves and falling behind. Therefore, without the Russians, of course, pair skating is not dying, but it is not developing either,” Tarasov said.
The specialist believes that the level of pair skating in Russia may decline if “athletes lose motivation.”
““But I don’t notice this in our group, we’re just getting started,” Tarasov noted. “I can compare this situation to preparing for an important start as a substitute. It’s not clear whether you’ll go or not, but as soon as it happens “You definitely need to be prepared. That's what our job is right now.”
At the 2024 World Championships in Montreal, the Canadians, 40-year-old Deanna Stellato-Dudek and her partner Maxime Deschamps, won the pair skating event. Germany's Minerva Hase and ex-Russian figure skater Nikita Volodin won bronze.


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