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The media learned about NHL revenues for the 2023/24 season

MOSCOW, March 27 National Hockey League (NHL) revenues by the end of the current season should reach $6.2 billion, which will lead to the return to hockey players of half of the funds withheld from their salaries, Daily Faceoff reports, citing sources in the league.
The income of NHL hockey players will increase due to the return of part of the escrow – funds that the league deducts from players' salaries every season, so that income between hockey players and club owners is distributed strictly in the proportion of 50 to 50.
This season, the NHL withheld from players' salaries 6%. They will be refunded half the amount if projected income targets are achieved.

Achieving projected revenues will largely depend on the upcoming Stanley Cup and the successful performance of large teams from a marketing point of view in New York, Toronto, Edmonton and Boston. If they get into the later rounds of the playoffs, hockey players can get back more than half of the money withheld.

Next season escrow will also be 6%. At the same time, the NHL salary cap will rise from $83.5 million to $87.7 million.


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