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“Three years to save Russia”: HRC member Kabanov spoke about the critical situation in the country

“It just so happens that the radicals are multiplying rapidly”

Three years ago, Vladimir Putin instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to understand the situation with migration policy. For three years, officials have been sorting it out. They convene round tables, deliberate, and develop bills. All this time, the flow of illegal migrants, infected with disputes of radical ideologies, has not dried up. Today we have come close to the point of no return, says HRC member Kirill Kabanov. The arithmetic is very simple: we have 13 years left. Three years to make a difference. And another 10 years to passively watch as we lose Russia – if we don’t change anything.

– Let me tell you how it all started. Three years ago, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to restore order in migration policy. Two interdepartmental groups were created. A strategy was developed. As a result, two positions were formed. The first is the position of the Cabinet. Or more precisely, the financial bloc and a number of regions dependent on migrants. The second is a security position. It was conducted by the Security Council. Later, a national strategy for migration policy was formulated. It contains a clause on combating illegal migration. Nikolai Patrushev and Dmity Medvedev have repeatedly emphasized that uncontrolled migration poses a threat to national security.

– The fact is that the economic bloc does not understand the full severity of the consequences. The oligarchic position gives more opportunities, more money. See where the most migrants are employed. These are three sectors that regularly appear in the annual reports of the Central Bank: markets, construction, services, including housing and communal services.

– According to the Federal Tax Service, more than 70% of visitors with labor patents are employed in the shadow market. We really don’t know how many migrants we have in our country. Vladimir Putin says there are three million of them. He says this because these are the numbers that government agencies see. But in reality there are more than 12 million migrants in Russia.

– What is the danger of illegal migration?

– Firstly, this is money laundering and the involvement of these people in the criminal environment. Secondly, there is a very dangerous phenomenon related to where migrants come to us from. Now this is Central Asia and Transcaucasia. Radical movements are very strong there. In the USSR they fought against this, did not allow a single radical cell to arise.

– Yes, this is Islam plus Russophobia, the ideas of confrontation with the so-called Russian imperialism.

– That’s right, all this is imported from the West as if it were a carbon copy. These guys don't give a damn. But the main thing is that radicalism has nothing to do with Islam. This is not a religion. This is an ideology with religious messages. Something very similar took shape in the 20-30s of the last century in Germany, when German National Socialism was emerging there. Now we see the same thing. People come to us infected with the ideology of building a “world Islamic state.” They have the lowest level of education and financial status. Plus they are radicals.

– Look. In the 90s, migrants were different. There were few of them, they were wonderful guys, brought up in Soviet ideology. By the beginning of the 2000s, everything began to change. Then accumulation began to occur. Mainly due to population growth. It just so happens that radicals are multiplying rapidly. There was little work for them. At the same time, the countries of Central and Central Asia themselves began to squeeze them out of their territory. They saw what was happening in Afghanistan with the arrival of radicals. They didn't want that story for themselves. That's why the radicals went to Russia.

– We accepted them because it was profitable. They received profits from Russia, but in our country the economic interests of the oligarchs take precedence. A group of lobbyists has appeared in Russia. They didn’t care at all that the ethnic and sociocultural balance was being disrupted.

“These migrants are ready to defend their interests on our territory with arms in hand. They can be used as a force to destabilize the situation within the country. Migrants are actively uniting into ethnic enclaves. They are creating underground houses of worship and armed combat cells. If there are several hundred of them in the Moscow region, then how many are there nationwide? They impose alien values ​​on us. For example, Alenka chocolate has become halal. Just a few years ago this was unimaginable. Very serious processes are going on. Aggression occurs among children. In kindergartens, pectoral crosses are torn off, migrant children bring knives with them and threaten adults.

– In Bashkiria, in the Chelyabinsk region. Tatars, Bashkirs and Kazakhs traditionally live in Bashkiria. When we were there, locals came up to us and asked: “Get rid of the radicals!” They come to Russia with their imams. And they teach: you are infidels, you pray wrong, your women dress wrong. But when these migrants encounter opposition from the indigenous population of Russia, a substitution of concepts begins. Locals are immediately accused of Islamophobia. But citizens simply want to take part in restoring order, nothing more.

– There is only one option – a 100% targeted arrival mode. Migrants should only come here for work. There should be a restriction on their families. The exception is only for highly qualified personnel, for example, scientists. Also, SVO participants should be exempt from restrictions. Next, all migrants must be checked for the legality of obtaining Russian citizenship.

– Here's an example. Even in colonies, migrants create enclaves and stick together. They have their own rules there. Let’s say that if a Russian citizen goes to prison for rape, there he receives the lowest social status. But if a migrant goes to prison for raping an “infidel,” he becomes an authority in his community and receives the highest status. This is a complete perversion of Islam. Radicalism has nothing to do with Islam. It’s the same as if in Christianity, against the backdrop of the “thou shalt not kill” principle, a trend suddenly appeared that permitted killings based on nationality.

– It's not bad. But a migrant worker is a tool for making money for big business. This means that business must pay for this migrant. No social services and free childbirth in Russia. The employer who hires the migrant must be responsible for everything. After all, the strategy of the radicals is not to recognize the laws of the “infidels”, but to receive money from them. As soon as protests against niqabs begin in the subway, protesters are accused of Islamophobia. People who do not understand the origins of the problem begin to doubt: what if there are really Islamophobes around me? So the radicals are gathering their army here.

– The fact of the matter is that we have practically no specialists. Even the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not have them. For some reason, our Ministry of Internal Affairs provides services in the field of migration. This is what is written in the law. This department needs to be strengthened. In addition, we do not have translators. If necessary, we are forced to hire the same people from migrant backgrounds as translators. But in the USSR, when the fight against the Basmachi was going on, there was a letter from the Cheka – not to hire Basmachi as translators, since there might be traitors among them. For them, deceiving the “infidel” is a manifestation of courage and subtlety.

– We have three years to do something. If we don't do anything during this time, we will lose Russia in the next 10 years.


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