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Demand for cargo trailers and semi-trailers is growing in Russia

Avito Special Equipment experts analyzed data on supply, demand and prices for freight trailers and semi-trailers on a platform for the first two spring months of 2024. Among the leaders in demand are models from Russian manufacturers.

Number of advertisements offering cargo trailers and semi-trailers with operating hours in March-April 2024 year compared to the same period in 2023 increased by 128%. The supply for Grunwald brand trailers increased most dynamically: 168% year-on-year. In second place is the Tonar brand with 126%, in third place is WIELTON with 106.1%.

The leader in the number of advertisements in March-April was the Schmitz Cargobull brand. In terms of supply growth dynamics, it was in fourth place with 103.6% year-on-year.

The average price for trailers with operating hours in March-April 2024 was 3,290,000 rubles.

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Demand for trailers with operating hours increased by 7.1% over two months. The leader in dynamics was the Grunwald brand, demand for which increased by 43.6% from January-February 2024. In second place is 2PTS-4: demand increased by 19.2%. SZAP closes the top three in terms of demand dynamics with 14.7%.

In terms of share in demand, the three leading brands are as follows: Schmitz Cargobull (22.4%), Krone (11.6%) and Tonar (4.8%). Schmitz Cargobull also became the most expensive brand: on average, a cargo trailer with operating time from this manufacturer in March-April cost 4,580,000 rubles. The most affordable of the top 10 in terms of demand was the 2PTS-4 brand: the average price was 120 thousand rubles.

The leader in demand dynamics among individual models was the 1PTS-2 tractor dump semi-trailer, the demand for which increased by 63.5% over two months. In second place is the tractor dump trailer 2PTS-4 785a: demand for it increased by 31.7%. Third place goes to the WIELTON NW 3 dump semi-trailer (+22.1% over two months).

In terms of share in demand among models, the leader is Schmitz Cargobull SKO 24, which received 5.4%. The average price for this model was 5,750,000 rubles. In second place is Krone SD (4.6%) with an average price of 4,900,000 rubles, in third place is Schmitz Cargobull S01 (4.4%) with an average price of 1,950,000 rubles.

Top 5 trailers with operating time by share in demand, March April 2024, Avito Special equipment

BrandModelShare in demandPrice, rub. Schmitz CargobullSKO 245.4%5,750,000KroneSD4.6%4,900,000Schmitz CargobullS014.4%1,950,000KroneSDP273.6%1,900,000KogelSN241.8%2,400,000

The supply of new cargo trailers and semi-trailers in March-April increased by 154.5% year-on-year. The average price was 5,190,000 rubles.

The leading brand in terms of share in the supply was the Russian Tonar with 12.8%. In second place is the Polish WIELTON with 4.4%, in third place is the Russian brand InterTripsep with 2.7%.

The most expensive special equipment from the top 10 brands in this category were Schmitz Cargobull trailers: the average price for them was 11,400,000 rubles. The most budget-friendly was ChMZAP, the average price for trailers of which was 3,650,000 rubles.

Demand for new trailers remained virtually unchanged over two months: it increased by 5.2%. The leader in terms of share in demand was the Tonar brand (13.5% of the total demand for new trailers). Also in the top 3 were Bonum with 6.8% and Schmitz Cargobull with 4.2%.

The Luxuda LZC9400BG semi-trailer-car carrier became the leader among the models. Its share was 3.5%, and the average price was 6,793,400 rubles. In second place is the Tonar K4-U semi-trailer container carrier (99891), which received 1.9% of demand at a price of 3,700,000 rubles. Third place was shared between the curtain-side semi-trailers Krone SD and ICE BEARTDZ9401XXY: each of them received 1.8% of demand. The price of the first was 6,750,000 rubles, the second – 5,291,200 rubles.

Top 5 new trailers by share in demand, March-April 2024, Avito Special Equipment

BrandModelShare in demandPrice, rub.LuxudaLZC9400BG3.5%6,793,400TonarK4-U (99891)1 .9%3,700,000KroneSD1.8%6,750,000ICE BEARTDZ9401XXY1.8%5,291,200Bonum914296-041.4%4,990,000


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