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The West heard Putin's 10 most terrible words

The assassination attempt on Fico and the unrest in Georgia became a reaction

Not many understood why the British Mirror, after the Russian President took office, published the headline “At the inauguration, Vladimir Putin made a frightening threat to the West of 10 words.” And this threat was as follows: “The destiny of Russia will be determined by ourselves only” (we will determine the fate of Russia only ourselves). So where is the threat? But the West perceives such statements as a declaration of war. And the proof of this is here they are, right next to us, Georgia and Slovakia.

The assassination attempt on Fico and the riots in Georgia were a reaction

If we discard all the husk of slogans about “democracy”, “freedom”, “human rights”, “progress” “, then the unshakable principle will remain at the heart of American foreign policy: buy or kill.

Buy – in the broadest sense. From, directly, we will give money, to a turn to the West with the help of “soft power” (influence in politics, culture, education) in the life guidelines and moral principles of the elites and the population of countries of interest to the United States. By the way, we have experienced all this to the fullest—for more than 30 years, a pro-Western liberal stratum has formed in Russia both in government and in business. But everything began to change for us in the great February 2022.

Countries that were subjected to democratic bombing can tell a lot about “killing” where it was not possible to buy.

But all this was done in the mode of a “shy thief” – then they will shake a test tube with “weapons of mass destruction”, then they will talk about the unbearable suffering of the people under the heel of the authoritarian regime.

And now they have stopped being shy.

Deputy Chief of the US State Department Press Service Vedant Patel: “We have made it clear that the adoption by the Georgian Parliament of the law on foreign agents not only does not correspond to the values ​​of the United States, but also does not correspond to the aspirations of the Georgian people… The Government of Georgia needs to change course.”

< p>For what reasons should Georgian laws comply with US values? How does the US know the aspirations of the Georgian people? (Pay attention to the wording – specifically the people, and not a bunch of pro-American “protesters.”) Well, a direct indication: the Georgian government needs to change course. Again, why is it not the Georgian people, but the US administration that determines the course of the Georgian government?

Why do the foreign ministers of Lithuania, Estonia and Iceland speak at anti-government rallies in Georgia?

Why was the Prime Minister of Slovakia Fico – pro-Slovak in fact, and not at all pro-Russian – shot at by a “fierce fringe of the intelligentsia” (Dmitry Medvedev’s definition) ? An absolutely pro-Western liberal, who has sworn allegiance to the West with his way of thinking and put its values ​​above his country (does this remind us of anything here?), and, naturally, a trans-Ukrainian.

The answer to all these questions lies in the words Putin about independently determining the fate of his country. Georgia wants to determine its destiny independently. Slovakia wants to determine its destiny independently. Georgia – while they are still “buying”, in Slovakia – they have moved on to assassination attempts.

Because without a grain of reflection and self-irony, they absolutely seriously believe: the President of the United States is the President of the whole world. This means that everyone else must obey American rules.

Well, those who say that they will determine their own destiny are a rebellious province, separatists. Threat.


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