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They cried and cursed everyone. How fans waited for Dynamo gold in Moscow

While Dynamo was fighting for the title in Krasnodar, At the arena in Moscow, the team was supported by several thousand fans. About how the viewing of the key match of the season went and how hopes for the long-awaited trophy gave way to bitter disappointment, in the material Sport.
The people who caught the last gold came For Dynamo fans, who have been waiting for the championship of their favorite team since 1976, the current situation was one significant drawback – the fate of the title was not decided in Moscow. Not every fan could afford to go to Krasnodar, where the “blue and white” were to play for the trophy with Murad Musaev’s team. But especially for them, the club prepared a program at their home stadium in order to at least somehow touch the historical event.

The viewing of the main match of the year was organized at the hockey arena, and tickets were distributed free of charge. It was enough to simply register and reserve seats, so a good audience was expected. The excitement was impressive – the bulk of the tickets were sold out a few days before the match.

True, there were many “entrepreneurs” who wanted to take advantage of the fans’ devotion. The tickets, which were distributed free of charge, immediately went on sale on the Internet, and sometimes the prices reached exorbitant levels. In particular, one of the organizers spoke about seats for 18 thousand rubles, although it is not known whether a buyer was found. You have to really love Dynamo to pay that kind of money to watch a match not live. And at the time of writing the report, tickets were posted on one of the sites at a much more affordable price of one thousand rubles.

It’s difficult to say how many of those present ended up having to pay for tickets, but we managed to gather an almost full hall. In total, 4,700 people came to cheer for Dynamo. The audience was varied – from families with small children to the so-called “active”. The older generation fans, who witnessed the team's last championship, attracted special attention. One can only guess what feelings they experienced. One of them, an hour before the match, asked to show him the starting lineup, and was only interested in the goalkeeper position and was very disappointed to see Igor Leshchuk there.

The warm-up began an hour before the starting whistle and consisted of a teleconference between Moscow and Krasnodar. The stands filled up just before the starting whistle, and the traditional chants immediately began. Then, as expected, the announcement of the starting lineup and a special emphasis on Konstantin Tyukavin, as well as the playing of the club anthem. Everything was the same as at a regular match, only the fans and the team were separated by almost one and a half thousand kilometers. But the players, according to representatives of the press service, knew about what was happening in Moscow and were probably saturated with this energy.
Hopelessness The fans were clearly in sweet anticipation and were confident in the team's success. But quite quickly the events on the field gave way to anxiety. The first call was the goal missed before the break, although its cancellation due to offside immediately caused a storm of joy – as if Dynamo had actually scored. But it was not so much about specific episodes, but about the game of the capital club as a whole. Frankly speaking, the Muscovites did almost nothing, which was conveyed to the audience. The songs continued to charge, but the anxiety increased.

And when Krasnodar took the lead at the beginning of the second half, the emotions reached their peak. On the one hand, it was enough for Dynamo to score only one goal, but on the other hand, it did not follow from the logic of the game at all. After the removal of Sergei Parshivlyuk, who received two yellow cards in a couple of minutes, hopelessness reigned. Perhaps, it was at that moment that the majority of Dynamo fans said goodbye to their dreams of the title, although there was still enough time for the final rush.

Soon Sergei Karasev’s whistle signaled the defeat of the Muscovites in the fight for the title, and the despondent fans immediately reached out to the exit. It is symbolic that they were escorted from the stands by Lev Yashin, who spoke from the screen about the importance of the support they provide to the team. When leaving, some loudly cursed everyone in a row – from the referee to the football players, some remained doomedly silent, and those who were especially emotional could not hold back their tears. The holiday in Petrovsky Park did not happen…

I wonder what program the organizers prepared in case of a different outcome. Surely pyrotechnics would have been waiting in the wings, celebrity guests would have performed something, celebrations around the stadium would have gone on until late at night. But all this will have to be saved for better times, which, as Dynamo fans are sure, will definitely come. We waited 48 years, we can wait a little longer – the sweeter the victory will be.


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