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Filming of the film “Cheburashka 2” began in Moscow

MOSCOW, June 5 In Moscow, filming has begun on the family blockbuster “Cheburashka 2” – the continuation of one of the highest-grossing films in the history of Russian cinema, the press service of the Rossiya TV channel reported.

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Filming begins with the scene of Sonya's (Eva Smirnova) birthday, where all the characters familiar to the viewer from the first part will gather. Children share their experiences. A year after the events of the first film, Cheburashka gradually gets used to life with Gena, but begins to show excessive independence and misbehave. Gena tries to raise him, but his methods upset the big-eared boy. Spoiled Sonya thinks that no one truly appreciates her, and Grisha is sad because of the lack of parental attention. The lives of the heroes are disrupted by an incredible event: they want to demolish Gena’s house.

“In the new Cheburashka, we maintain continuity and continue to talk about family and the difficulties that exist in every home. For young viewers, this is still a fun and cheerful project with a lot of adventures, unexpected circumstances and incredibly beautiful scenery,” said the project's director, Dmitry Dyachenko.

“Actor Sergei Garmash, who plays the role of Gena, added: “This is a completely new story, with pleasant surprises from Gena, Cheburashka and our entire company. We received a completely excellent, detailed script to read. I’m sure you will get to know our characters even better!”

Elena Yakovleva believes that the new “Cheburashka” will be unique. “The writers added even more humor, and the costume designers did a great job, we are taking the level even higher. There are so many secrets in my costume – don’t worry, Mom!” — the actress shared.

“Cheburashka 2” is a joint project of Yellow, Black and White, the START online cinema, and the Rossiya TV channel. Filming takes place with the participation of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio and with the support of the Cinema Fund.
The new film will be released in cinemas during the New Year holidays, January 1, 2026.


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