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Russians were explained how to buy dollars and euros under the new conditions

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MOSCOW, June 14. Purchasing dollars and euros after the US imposes sanctions against the Moscow Exchange, NCC and NKD will still be possible, but who and how will shape the exchange rate can only be guessed at, an associate professor at the Department of Finance and Credit at the Institute of Economics told the Prime agency and Finance of the State University of Management Nikolai Kuznetsov.
He recalled that on Thursday there were no exchange trades in the dollar and euro, but it was possible to purchase currency. In the future, exchange rates will be determined based on the reporting data of banks and digital platforms of over-the-counter trading.
“That is, in essence, the issue of determining the dollar exchange rate is left to the banks,” explains Kuznetsov. At the same time, the Bank of Russia will have to keep its finger on the pulse and promptly control rates in order to prevent unjustified jumps. In fact, exchange rate setting will switch to manual control.

However, it is not worth rushing to exchange offices and buying dollars in a panic for 120 or even 200 rubles. For financial transactions, sober calculation is important, and such calculation is not yet possible due to the lack of input. Therefore, you should carefully observe the situation, and only then make a decision, advises Kuznetsov.


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