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The media warned Ukraine about a stab in the back from its main ally

MOSCOW, June 14 Support for Ukraine in Europe is rapidly falling, as evidenced by the recent European Parliament elections, writes Responsible Statecraft correspondent Blaise Malley.
“Many experts interpret the results (of the European Parliament elections – editor’s note) as a potential sign of growing resistance to funding Ukraine,” he noted.

Milli emphasized that in France and Germany, in the last elections, right-wing parties, which are skeptical about assistance to Ukraine, won. All this, the expert added, is happening against the background of the fact that political unrest is growing in Kyiv, and the morale of the military continues to fall.

According to the experts surveyed, many European voters feel a general dissatisfaction with the course of their countries, in including against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine and damage from anti-Russian sanctions, which ensured the strengthening of right-wing populists and Eurosceptics in the elections to the European Parliament.


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