GENERICO.ruPoliticsRumors have spread in England that Kate Middleton's death will be announced at the Olympics

Rumors have spread in England that Kate Middleton's death will be announced at the Olympics

In England, rumors spread that Kate Middleton's death would be announced at the Olympics

“In this way, they will divert attention from her death, since all the top officials will be in Paris at that time,” — such conspiracy theories are increasingly appearing in local chats. There is less and less optimism in forecasts about the princess's return to public life – and in general. Just as there is almost no faith left that subjects are being leaked the truth about what happened to their future queen.

Rumors have spread in England that Kate Middleton's death will be announced at the Olympics

So far, everything suggests that events are developing according to the worst scenario. Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has encountered complications after a course of chemotherapy, the British newspaper The Sun reported today, citing sources in the royal circle.

< p>It’s a strange thing, just a couple of months ago the British (including Russian-speaking ones) on their websites defended the princess in every possible way and unconditionally believed that she herself (or her image in neural networks) voiced about myself 22 March 2024 : they say, they discovered oncology, I am undergoing chemotherapy, I need personal space, leave me alone and give me peace.

But many circumstances that we have already written about, such as, for example, the strange suicide of the Middleton sisters' friend Thomas Kingston, the suspicious behavior of Prince William, who does not want to talk about his wife, show, that everything could be much sadder.

The palace's PR people are trying their best to disguise the absence of the wife of the heir to the throne, inventing tall tales that she was involved behind the scenes in a report on the project “Early Years”, someone… then he saw her in the store (yes, she goes shopping and at the same time does not want to dispel the anxiety of the whole people), but the English public no longer wants to be deceived. Even cautious attempts in the lower house of parliament to find out  what is happening to the Princess of Wales and where she is is met with immediate resistance.

Moreover, the news that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asked the king to approve the dissolution of parliament and call early elections is associated not only with a drop in the level of approval of the Conservative Party in society, but also with excessive curiosity deputies about what is happening in the royal family.

“Aren’t you ashamed?!” She’s sick.” Under this pretext and appeal to conscience, you can hide anything. Like everyone who tries to find out the truth, indifferent cynics, and those who believe everything , what the palace says, angels guided by good intentions.

There is only one truth: the last time Kate Middleton was seen alive and well was on Christmas Day in Sandringham. Together with the children. And that’s it. Neither the children nor Kate. As if he had flashed somewhere at a competition with his father Prince George, second in line to inherit the throne, but this is also not certain. Charlotte and Louis were licked off by a cow like a cow. The excuses that the children have been happy to sit by their bedside for six months do not stand up to criticism mothers, that it is good for their mental health as well as not attending school and public events.

How did it happen that one of the most powerful and famous women in the world disappeared to no one and there’s no business? The king said, that he respects and is proud of how Kate is coping with the diagnosis, ok, let’s take  his word.

By the way, husband William says nothing about this, he simply ignores all questions about his wife's health. And those are really becoming fewer. On June 7, at the wedding of the most eligible and richest bachelor in England, the 7th Duke of Westminster Hugh Grosvenor (by the way, a direct descendant of Pushkin), for the first time in the crowd of spectators there was not a single poster with wishes for the princess's health. And Prince William was just present among the guests. But, apparently, they asked not to tire His Highness with such mentions.

Palace insiders, meanwhile, are multiplying the gloomiest forecasts.

One high-ranking courtier, anonymously and in the strictest secrecy, shared with journalists his fears that things with Kate are much worse than the family says.

“The silence about Kate's health crisis – suspected ovarian cancer – is deafening,” said the senior courtier. – We are scared because we feel Kate's condition is much worse than the royals say. Could we wake up one morning and discover that she has suddenly passed away?”

Kate's disappearance sparked rumors that she had been secretly hospitalized due to serious mental problems and would therefore never be able to resume her role alongside William. This is certainly nonsense, for even if the princess had suffered a nervous breakdown, now This is not the time of Jane Eyre, and a husband does not necessarily have to lock his crazy wife in the family castle. Pharmacology literally works miracles! Six months is quite enough time to stop any form of psychosis and depression. It’s worth looking at the princess Monaco Charlene, about whom the same rumors circulated, now looks as good as new.

«All this secrecy is destructive and points to an impending disaster for the monarchy.

The fact that she's hiding – or they are hiding her – scares», — continues the same anonymous courtier.

There is no sadder story in the world:

Kate has disappeared, the children have disappeared somewhere…

Almost like William Shakespeare.< /p>

Many are sure that the information that Kate has become worse and the chemistry is not working was no coincidence that appeared shortly before June 15, when on the famous balcony in honor of her official birthday King Charles, Trooping the Color the whole family had to appear.

The world community has long been waiting for Kate to appear in public space. And her appearance on the balcony on June 15 would have been long-awaited by the nation. Even a glimpse in the window. Which is natural.

In general, no negative reports about any member of the British Royal Family prevent them from appearing in society or make themselves known. Sick, divorced, those who have lost their reputation, disgraced… They are always heard. Only the dead do not appear alive offline. Because they cannot.< /p>

And here is a new reason. As they say, the chemo didn't help, so don't wait…

As you know, Kate is an honorary colonel of the Irish Guards (this is just a distinctive name, in fact it is an infantry formation of the British Army)  and repeatedly said that that this position means a lot to her and she will always try to help her wards. As a result, she sent them only a postcard. Supposedly signed with her own hand, and there -&nbsp ;go check it out.

Just like the fake photo supposedly taken by Kate herself for Mother's Day.

Whatever happened to Kate last Christmas,&nbsp ;she, the mother of three lovely children, who did so much to restore the reputation of the royal family after the death of Diana, by God, did not deserve this.

It turns out that a simple woman has more chances  that they will start looking for her and contact the police, than the future queen?


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