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The best performers according to the MUZ-TV award have been named

MOSCOW, June 15 Dima Bilan and Anna Asti became the best singer and performer according to the award of the MUZ-TV channel, the correspondent reports.
The award ceremony for the MUZ-TV channel was held at the Moscow CSKA Arena. The presenters were artists Lolita, Klava Koka and Nikolai Baskov, TV presenters Lera Kudryavtseva and Vladimir Marconi.

“This is the 21st MUZ-TV award. There were all sorts of things, there were different things, and how many more there will be! I want to wish everyone faith in themselves, hear their voice among many voices, don’t lead yourself astray, don’t let anyone do it,” said Bilan, receiving the award.

Musician Xolidayboy was recognized as the breakthrough of the year. In the nominations “Best Album” and “Best Song” the winner was Anna Asti's album “Tsarina”. to fulfill your dream, even though it seems that life throws up strange moments where you cannot cope,” Asti said while receiving the award.

Singer Klava Koka was recognized as the best on the network. According to the voting results, two tracks won in the nomination “Best Collaboration” – “Bad Girl” (Vintage, TRAUMA, SKIDRI, DVRKLXGHT) and “Queen” (Lusya Chebotina and Philip Kirkorov).

“That's what means entering the right door at the right time!” – said Kirkorov.
The listeners named “Three Days of Rain” the best musical group this year.
“It all started in 2020 in Gorky Park on the asphalt, now we are here. So, it’s not in vain that we are doing all this “, said the band members from the stage.
The song “On the Titanic” performed by Instasamka (Daria Zoteeva) and Lolita became the best cover version according to listeners.

” Guys, I want to say that this particular plate is entirely the merit of Dasha, because this is her favorite track when she was very little,” Lolita said from the stage, receiving the coveted award in the form of a silver plate.

The video “Past Me” by Filatov&Karas won in the nomination “Best Dance Video”, and the video “Accidents Are Not Random” by Mota (Matvey Melnikov) became the best video of the year. The best lyrical video was awarded to Marie Kraimbreri's video for the song “Autumn Happened.”
The group's show “Hands Up!” “Luzhniki Encore” was recognized as the best concert show.
“Today they said about the year of the family. I dedicate this victory to my family… This year there will be a third concert in Luzhniki… The main thing is that people who started listening when they were little come to these concerts “Hands up!” said the band’s lead singer Sergei Zhukov from the stage.
The prize in the special category “Musical Discovery of RuTube” was awarded to musician IVAN (Alexander Ivanov).


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