GENERICO.ruSportThey're throwing money at him. Why Glushenkov is in Zenit — the death of intrigue in the RPL

They're throwing money at him. Why Glushenkov is in Zenit — the death of intrigue in the RPL

Zenith, having snatched victory in the Russian Championship, extends hegemony to the transfer window. According to Sport, by the end of next week, one of the leaders of Lokomotiv, Maxim Glushenkov, will become a St. Petersburg player. Sports talk about the upcoming change in the selection course of champions.
The Century Twists Its Arms The past season gave hope for the emergence of a fight in the championship, for the emergence of a counterweight to the eternal champion. The leaders of Zenit always want to win, this is normal, but an outside observer needs intrigue at any level. “Crazy ending. I hope this won’t be some kind of episodic championship, but it will continue to be like this. We need to enjoy ourselves, and this means that everyone else needs to work a little. Everyone understood that they can fight for the championship,” he said at the end season head of the RPL Alexander Alaev.

The emergence of intrigue is all the more valuable because it arose in the championship during the most difficult times for Russian football. We are actually boiling in our own cauldron, even if we repeat like a mantra the idea that excommunication from European competitions is only good for us. We did not switch off from global processes, and it was unrealistic to do so. RPL clubs show proactivity in the transfer market, often working hard to bring in a Latin American or a football player from the European championship. Cruel times teach every club to be effective, and this is the process that can and should make the league stronger.

Last season, everyone saw that Zenit, with its immense resources and a bunch of Brazilians in its lineup, could really be beaten. You can find players all over the world and not overpay exorbitant amounts of money for them, thereby slowly building a healthy internal transfer system.
But this summer the beginnings of such a system may be buried. The St. Petersburg team is not going to calm down after years of dominance. On the contrary, it seems that the titles won with sweat and blood seemed to give the go-ahead to the club’s management: “Why do we need this fuss, risks at the end of the championship and outsiders biting in the Cup? We need a composition that will certainly lead to victories in all tournaments!” It’s scary to imagine, but this line of thinking may not be an exaggeration, because next year Zenit will celebrate its centenary. This means there is no way to lose. To achieve this goal, it is quite possible to start a small economic war and simply shower competitors with money. By the way, the scheme is working and proven over the years, and not only in Russia.

“Zenith” is getting rid of Brazilian influence? Despite the most expensive squad in the league, the “blue-white-blue” are going to shake it up and shift the emphasis from the Brazilians to the Russians. The main candidate right now is Lokomotiv midfielder Maxim Glushenkov, who had a great season. With 16 assists, he became the league's top assister and significantly increased his transfer value. According to information, his transfer to Zenit is already a done deal, formalities will be settled by the end of next week. And now you don’t even need to rack your brains about where and instead of whom Sergei Semak will put Maxim, the main thing is to record that in order to continue their hegemony, the St. Petersburg team is ready to open their wallets and comb the entire league.

Previously, Glushenkov said more than once that he was ready for a new step in his career, but everything suited him at Lokomotiv. Trust from the coach, the status of the main star after the departure of Artem Dzyuba, freedom on the field and a comfortable environment – all this became the key to Maxim’s performance. Now the midfielder will face not only a salary increase, but also a way out of his comfort zone. It’s sad to remember, but Zenit became a kind of grave for many Russian talents, and it’s better not to remember the work of the academy at all. All attacking slots are filled with Latin Americans, and at the moment Glushenkov’s playing time is the main intrigue of the St. Petersburg off-season. Is the arrival of the Russian a signal for the departure of Claudinho or his other compatriots?

It is important that Glushenkov is already 24 years old, and it is unlikely that he would have gone to St. Petersburg if he had not had guarantees of a place in the starting lineup. If so, then Zenit’s hunting season for the main Russian talents can be considered open. In this light, rumors about the possible transfer of Spartak forward Alexander Sobolev no longer seem funny. In addition, on Friday it was announced the transfer of Kaliningrad “Baltika” goalkeeper Evgeniy Latyshonok. Behind the goalkeeper is a bright end to the season, but it turns out that this is enough to be invited to Zenit. There is only one question – how to find places for everyone?
In St. Petersburg, Andrei Mostovoy, Alexander Kovalenko and Ilzat Akhmetov have not been able to play consistently for a long time, Ivan Sergeev has dropped out of the lineup. We won’t mention those playing on loan, otherwise that would require another paragraph. All of these are footballers from clubs at the level of the top eight of the RPL. It seems that Zenit is aiming to fit into its “golden cage” as many Russians as possible who can run at least a little and more or less hit the ball. At the same time, competitors of St. Petersburg residents do not need to leave everything to chance; they need to work even harder and with better quality. But will it be of any use if all your efforts can simply be bought with a snap of your fingers?


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