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A convicted mercenary from Izhevsk who returned from the war was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of a friend and an attack on a girl out of jealousy

The Ustinovsky District Court of Izhevsk sentenced a participant in the war in Ukraine, a previously convicted mercenary Artem Egorov, to 15 years in a maximum security colony in the case of the murder of a childhood friend and the attempted murder of a girl. “Vestka” drew attention to the verdict.

In addition to the main punishment, Egorov was also sentenced to a year of restriction of freedom after his release. He was found guilty of murder and attempted murder of two people (Part 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code, paragraph “a” of Part 2 of Article 105 using Part 3 of Article 30 of the Criminal Code). The verdict was announced on May 14.

As stated in the court decision, Egorov, his girlfriend and childhood friend rented an apartment to celebrate the latter's birthday. In the evening, they drank alcohol, after which the war veteran became jealous of his girlfriend, suspecting a sexual relationship between them. According to Egorov's girlfriend, both men drank eight one-and-a-half-liter bottles of beer that day.

Because of his jealousy, Egorov got angry. When his partner went to the toilet, he went after her, started punching her in the face and tried to drown her in the bathtub. Then the Izhevsk resident left the bathroom, took a kitchen knife and stabbed his friend with it, specifically in the neck and chest. The man died on the spot.

When Egorova’s girl came out of the bathroom, she saw her friend’s body on the floor and screamed. After this, a participant in the war in Ukraine began to stab her in the stomach, the girl lost consciousness for a while, and then began to scream and call for help. As a result, the neighbors called an ambulance and the police, and Yegorov was soon detained.

At the trial, the man said that in October 2022 he signed a contract and went to war. He spent six months at the front, after which he returned home due to a leg injury. For his participation in hostilities, Egorov received a letter of gratitude from the head of the self-proclaimed LPR.

A resident of Izhevsk was recruited while he was in a colony. According to Vestk, he served as part of the Wagner PMC. In 2020, Egorov was sentenced to eight years in prison – then he was also found guilty of murdering a friend. The quarrel between them occurred over a girl.

During the trial of Yegorov’s second criminal case, the judge took into account his participation in the war, as well as the presence of awards and letters of gratitude as a mitigating circumstance. The defendant also fully admitted his guilt in the case, apologized to the relatives of the deceased and repented of his actions.


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