GENERICO.ruScienceThere has been a personnel rotation in company X, media writes

There has been a personnel rotation in company X, media writes

MOSCOW, June 23 Personnel rotation was carried out in company X against the backdrop of the fact that the owner of the social network, Elon Musk, is putting pressure on the company’s CEO Linda Yaccarino to increase sales and reduce costs, the newspaper reports Financial Times citing sources.
“This month, Yaccarino fired her right-hand man and head of business operations and communications, Joe Benarroca,” the newspaper said. According to two X employees, Yaccarino held Benarroc responsible for allegedly failing to inform customers in advance of changes to the platform's adult content policies. According to the publication, his responsibilities will be transferred to the head of the department of government relations on an international scale, Nick Pickles.
< br />The reshuffle, according to the publication, comes amid growing tensions between Musk and Yaccarino. According to one of X's employees, the CEO is becoming increasingly “nervous” as Musk puts pressure on her to “increase revenue and reduce costs,” for example by cutting staff from the US and UK sales teams and cutting costs on items such as trips.

Twitter Inc. was founded in 2006. The company's main product is a social network for exchanging short messages. Entrepreneur Elon Musk finally closed the $44 billion acquisition deal in the fall of 2022. In April, it became known about the takeover of Twitter Inc. by X Corp., headquartered in Nevada.


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