GENERICO.ruWorld"Swipe". The US commented on Assange's release from prison

“Swipe”. The US commented on Assange's release from prison

WASHINGTON, June 25 At the cost of freedom for the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange was that the United States managed to criminalize journalism and “globally” extend its jurisdiction to non-Americans, US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. said on the social network X.
Assange was released from a British prison after reaching an agreement with the American prosecutor's office on a partial admission of guilt in exchange for punishment in the form of five years already spent behind bars.
“The bad news is that he had to plead guilty to conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defense information. This means that the US power state has succeeded in criminalizing journalism and extending its jurisdiction to non-citizens,” Kennedy wrote. Jr.

He admitted that Assange had to make a deal because otherwise he would have died in prison. “But the security state has created a terrifying precedent and dealt a strong blow to freedom of the press,” the politician wrote.

Kennedy Jr. called Assange a “hero of a generation” and said that he was “beyond himself with delight” at the news of his release.


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