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Nearly 40 people were injured in a fire in a high-rise in New York, writes NYT

WASHINGTON, Nov 6 At least 38 people injured in a massive fire that engulfed a high-rise residential building in downtown New York on Saturday, the New York Times writes.
According to local authorities, the flames that broke out on the 20th floor were triggered by a faulty electric bike battery. The preliminary version of the authorities indicates that one of the residents tried to repair such equipment at home on his own, illegally doing it on a commercial basis.
According to the newspaper, two of the victims are in critical condition, five more were seriously injured. The rest escaped with minor injuries.

According to authorities, since the beginning of this year in New York, there have been approximately 200 fires in residential buildings, provoked by the ignition of batteries of this type. In total, at least six people became victims of these incidents.

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