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The wife of a Yekaterinburg resident said that he was detained by the FSB because of the repost of the news about the criminal case against anti-fascists

In Yekaterinburg, security forces detained a local resident, Mikhail Yerokhin, and searched his house. His wife Ekaterina told the human rights project OVD-Info and It’s My City about this.

“They came with a search at 6 am, there were three men from the FSB, a district police officer and two witnesses who did not introduce themselves. We asked them for their first and last names, but the FSB officers said that according to the law, they may not speak,” the detainee’s wife told It’s My City.

According to Erokhina, her husband was asked about reposting news about the “Tyumen case” initiated against six Ural anti-fascists, and subscriptions on VKontakte. The security forces searched for explosives and weapons, but did not find them. As a result, Erokhina claims, they seized magazines and books, two computers and all phones, including the child.

Acquaintances of the Yekaterinburger told OVD-Info that the security forces asked him which country Crimea belongs to. Under what article the search was carried out and what status Erokhin is in is unknown. His wife does not know where they took her husband. At the FSB reception, she was told “not to worry, as Mikhail could call her himself in the evening.”

Six anti-fascists were detained in late August and early September in Tyumen, Surgut and Yekaterinburg. All were sent to pre-trial detention center No. 1 in Tyumen, and on the night of November 2 they were suddenly transferred to the pre-trial detention center of Zavodoukovsk, 100 kilometers from the regional center.

The defendants in the case are accused of creating a terrorist community (Part 2 of Article 205.4 of the Criminal Code) and manufacturing an improvised explosive device (Part 2 of Article 223.1 of the Criminal Code). On November 4, one of those arrested, Kirill Brik, spoke about being tortured and threatened with rape during his arrest. Other defendants in the “Tyumen case” also reported torture – Roman Paklin, Deniz Aidyn, Yuri Neznamov.

1Article“A rubber baton and a stool leg were taken out from behind the cupboard.” The anti-fascist accused in the “Tyumen case” spoke about torture in the police department

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