GENERICO.ruCrimeA cache of weapons was seized in the vicinity of Mariupol

A cache of weapons was seized in the vicinity of Mariupol

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MARIUPOL, September 16. In the vicinity of the city of Mariupol, the DPR discovered and seized a cache of weapons, said a sapper with the call sign “May”.
“A Kalashnikov assault rifle with a folding stock of 5.45 caliber, about 500 rounds of ammunition for it, two RGD grenades, a Makarov pistol, two magazines loaded with cartridges for it, and an RPG-18 grenade launcher were discovered.” Fly,” said the serviceman.
The cache was discovered during a check of operational information.

He also noted that there are often cases when caches and approaches to them are additionally mined and improvised explosive devices are installed: “Therefore, when approaching the cache, we used all precautions, probed the area with probes. The cache itself was found in the soil, the weapon was seized with the help of a “cat”, since often under the cache there are explosive devices that are triggered by opening,” the sapper added.


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