GENERICO.ruPolitics"Game over". The US announced the disappearance of Ukraine

“Game over”. The US announced the disappearance of Ukraine

MOSCOW, September 16. The Ukrainian state has ceased to exist and has become an instrument of US aggressive policy, said American journalist Garland Nixon in his YouTube blog.
““There is no longer a state like Ukraine. This game is over,” he believes.
The journalist compared the Eastern European country to a glove that a robber wears to avoid leaving his fingerprints at the crime scene.

The neocons who run the American empire, Nixon suggests, are using Ukraine as a kind of glove that helps hide their involvement in the destruction of Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly pointed out the transformation of Ukraine into an instrument of US foreign policy. According to the head of state, Washington is using Kyiv as a battering ram against Russia and is acting in the former Soviet republic for its own military purposes.


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