GENERICO.ruRussia“Cold”: Kremlin-controlled publications were demanded not to call Vladimir Zelensky president

“Cold”: Kremlin-controlled publications were demanded not to call Vladimir Zelensky president

The Administration of the President of Russia demanded that publications and agencies “from TASS to Ridovka” stop mentioning that Vladimir Zelensky holds the post of president. This was reported by Kholod, citing sources in the Kremlin-controlled media that received the directive.

Such an order appeared on September 15. It, according to the publication’s interlocutors, applies to all types of media: from television channels to online media. Instead, employees of publications, agencies and channels were asked to use the phrase “Zelensky regime.”

The new rule applies to both the names of materials and their content. At the same time, the main emphasis is on the headlines, since failure to mention Zelensky’s status will lead to the fact that in the search results in Zen.News he will be displayed without the word “president”.

Kholod journalists studied the publications of government-funded media and noted: “Widespread compliance with the new requirement has not yet been observed.” Since September 15, RIA Novosti publications have mentioned Zelensky’s position several times. The Regnum agency, which previously called him mainly the president, began to write “the head of the Kiev regime” or “the Ukrainian leader.”

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It is known that earlier editorial staff were prohibited from mentioning certain words and were recommended to explain, for example, the successful actions of the Ukrainian military by the fact that they and the NATO countries “threw all their strength” to this direction of the front. In addition, pro-government publications still do not call the conflict in Ukraine a war, although government officials have already mentioned the word “war” more than once.

Almost a year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Mediazona compiled a dictionary of concepts used by officials and other people with pro-war views. The list includes “UGIL Group”, “Gesture of Goodwill”, “Shrouded” and other words and phrases.

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