GENERICO.ruRussiaPskov journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva was fined 35 thousand rubles under the article on “discrediting” the army

Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva was fined 35 thousand rubles under the article on “discrediting” the army

The Pskov City Court fined a local resident 35 thousand rubles under a protocol on “discrediting” the army (Part 1 of Article 20.3.3 of the Administrative Code). This was reported by the joint press service of the region's courts.

According to the court's website, today only one administrative case under such an article was considered – against Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva. The press service also mentioned that the Pskov woman’s surname begins with the letter “P.”

Prokopyeva told Mediazona that the reason for going on record was her questions asked during a conversation with historian and political philosopher Vasily Zharkov. The interview was published by the publication “North. Realities.” “And who or what can stop Putin on the path to this collective suicide?” asked the journalist.

“We found discredit in the questions) But why suddenly Center "E" I went to study the blocked site and read the emigrated journalist – I don’t know) and why this particular text was chosen – too,” she added, talking to Mediazona.

In November 2018, in the “Minute of Enlightenment” program on “Echo of Moscow in Pskov,” the journalist, discussing the action of Mikhail Zhlobitsky, who was blown up in the FSB headquarters, suggested that the state itself is pushing young people to radical actions.

Two years later, Prokopyeva was sentenced to a fine of 500 thousand rubles in the case of justifying terrorism (Part 2 of Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code).

1Article“A politically motivated terrorist attack is a symptom of ill health in society.” Speech by journalist Prokopyeva, whom the prosecutor asks to be sentenced to 6 years in prison

On the morning of March 18, 2022, police knocked down the door in the journalist’s country house, threw her to the floor, and then took her away for interrogation in the case of libel against the governor of the Pskov region Maxim Vedernikov (Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code). As a result, Prokopyeva was released as a witness, after which she left Russia.

Updated at 19:27. Added commentary to Prokopyeva “Mediazona”.


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