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White House says Biden will veto aid to Israel bill

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1. US President Joe Biden will veto the bill on aid to Israel if the House of Representatives passes it; The administration believes that the requests for Israel and Ukraine cannot be separated, otherwise it will result in global consequences, the White House said.
““If this project is presented to the President, he will veto it,” the White House Budget Office said in a statement.
The administration said it believes that Republicans, by proposing to split the request for $105 billion in aid to Israel and Ukraine, are politicizing an issue that should actually be addressed on a bipartisan basis.

“Separating aid to Israel from other national security priorities in the request would have global implications,” the report said.

The administration also insists that it is critical to consider the need to allocate humanitarian aid to Palestine.
A bill has been introduced in the US House of Representatives to provide Israel $14.3 billion in emergency additional aid, separate from Biden's other requests for military support for Ukraine, Taiwan and other spending items.


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